We were burgled in Dalyan two weeks ago


Can anyone help please?

We were staying in Dalyan a few weeks ago and on the night of the 31 June our villa was burgled. They broke in through the kitchen window between 3a.m. and 6 a.m. They ramsacked the downstairs and then went up to my daughters bedroom whilst she and her baby were sleeping.

Unfortunately they got away with quite a lot of valuables, e.g money, jewellery, psp, mobile phone, camera and even stole my daughters silver cross baby bag.

The jarndama and fingerprint guys came out very quickly and my husband then had to go with them to the jarndama station and make a statement which we were given a copy but the paperwork has no address or telephone on it. We are now home and want to claim from our insurance but they insist on a Crime Number and a report that has to be on official paper. We have a friend in Dalyan who has been trying to obtain this but to no avail.

Therefore, can anyone please supply us with the full address and telephone number of the Jarndama (police) station in Dalyan. If we dont get this info soon we will have lost everything that was stolen.

Thanking you in anticipation


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