Water cut offs in Dalyan

The Dalyan Belediye, in all its wisdom, has come up with a new way of informing people who are even just a bit late in paying their waterbill. They leave a notice on the meter – and turn off the water. They don’t cut it off, just turn it off at the outside tap.

If you are having a shower at the time just imagine the possible consequences: you could be left there covered in shampoo and shower gell; worse you could be suddenly left under a scalding shower.

This happened to me yesterday (fortunately I wasn’t in the shower at the time). I just assumed it was another water cut (so common here) so didn’t worry at first. After it had gone on for some time I went to investigate and found the notice.

I wouldn’t mind so much, but I had paid (albeit a few days late) my bill the previous week!


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