hi we are coming to dalyan july 7th for 21 nights and this year will be our first time in a villa. we have stayed usually in holiday calbis hotel and thought this year would try a villa.
my question is about supermarkets in the area.
do they deliver? and where/which one has largest range of food ie fresh meat and daily essentials?
we will not be cooking and eating in the villa all the time, im hoping to only eat in on at the very most 7 nights out of 21.
well thats my plan anyway.
as the numerous restraunts outway my attempts at a good meal.
i also wondered about price of the stuff we usually fill our cases with every year when going to hotel. ie shampoo toiletries and sun creams, having never had the need to buy extra as i usually come very overloaded and do not plan to do this this year.

hope someone can help me and atleast give me pointer in ‘self catering’ which we are looking forward to if essentials and fresh meat etc is readily available.

definitley no lunches out for us this year, as this was the only way i could persuade my other half that we could afford 3 weeks instead of the usual 2


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