I was told today in the Post Office today while I was buying Euros for a trip to Greece that I should buy Euros to use in Turkey is this true?
I told the lady that all of the info on here was giving prices of things in Turkish Lira and she insisted there was no point buying them and that I should just take Euros.
I’m confused now. I think I prefer the advice on this forum to be honest but wonder if some places do prefer to be paid in Euros and what difference that makes to how far my pound will go?
Any advice welcome! Thanks in advance.


  1. OMG, next you will be taking financial advice from your butcher???
    Do no take Euros!

  2. Thank you for the advice.
    Glad I’d found this forum otherwise I might have taken her advice! She was working in the bureau de change at the Post Office so I would have presumed she knew what she was talking about.

  3. Obviously the lady in the post office has never been to Turkey!!
    The advice I give to everyone is to change enough money here for the first day, giving you time to look at rates given by all the exchange places because as everyone who knows anything about Turkey will tell you, you will get a much better rate there.

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