1. Yes, the area gets quakes. The last significant one I think was in 1999, although even that didn’t do too much damage. There was a minor one over last winter too. Newer properties are built to withstand earthquakes – the depth of the foundations they put in is unbeliveable. As a property owner I have earthquake insurance. This is apparently a legal requirement, and is underwritten by the Turkish government.

  2. For those interested heres a link to the Bogazici University web pages showing up to date info on all Turkish quakes.

  3. I remember the very first visit to Dalyan, we were staying at the Binlik, and it was about 4 in the morning and the whole room shook, just for a few seconds, it felt like someone was at the bottom of the bed shaking it back and forth, and the next morning everyone was talking about it, but the bar staff were so nonchalent about it, saying oh it happens all the time here. Thats the only time I felt it though, have felt nothing since. Mind you I think there’s a fault line running right through the middle of Turkey isn’t there?

  4. A big quake in 1958 almost completely destroyed nearby Fethiye.

    Turkey doesn’t have a fault line running through it. It has dozens.

  5. That was interesting Fraser, thanks for that. I assumed that the building on the clifftop above the beach was some kind of telecoms or satelite station, not an earthquake station.
    I must say that the earth has moved for me in Dalyan on more than a couple of occasions but I had not put this down to seismic activity.
    I hope no one gets unduly worried about this.

  6. Rabbie Q – why would we be unduly worried about the earth moving for you on hols. Thought thats what they are all about.
    In hol in Greece one year we thought a train was coming but there were not tracks, this went on for several minutes then the room started to shake – blamed my friend for rocking the table then realised that all the Greeks had gone outside with only the holiday makers still at breakfast. 6 on r scale but no damage.

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