Dangerous Dog Alert Gulpinar

Last night around 9.30 our English neighbour was walking his dog in Gulpinar when 2 pitbulls attacked his dog. He picked up the dog to save her & the pitbulls then attacked him. He is currently in hospital with horrendous bites to his arms & legs, they just missed the femoral artery! He will have to undergo a course of rabies injections amongst other precautions. Just think if this had been a child rather than a large strong man, as my grandchildren are currently visiting & this was only around the corner from us, imagine how we feel. The worst thing about this is that the jandarme have done nothing! The dogs are owned by a local man, kept in the garden by day & let out at night. The Jandarme have made no follow up visit to our friends & say nothing will happen for a week, the dogs are still at large & have now tasted blood. What more can I say, just warn everyone you know in Gulpinar.

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