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Cleaning up Dalyan – June 4th

Some of you may remember last year we organised a big litter clean up with the studants from the school and the toursim college for Global Environment day. We gathered over 200 bags of rubbish from around Dalyan and swept part of the river of under water trash too.
This year we are going to have another day like this on June 4th and we could do with all the help we can get. İ’m hoping that this year we will have enough volunteers to do part of Dalyan and the area round Sulungur lake where people picnic and throw their trash. Also we have more Turkish support this year and some businessen have promised us use of diggers to haul away larger trash.
You can help in two ways – come along on the day (we will be out in the morning for roughly two hours) and pick up rubbish AND use this forum to tell me where the largest heaps of rubbish, builders rubble etc are so İ can send the diggers to the right place.
İf anyone wants to call me my phone number is 0534 590 6162

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